#LakadSerye – Inokashira – Iseya – Ghibli

Let me be honest with you – my goal is to visit Tokyo by March 2016. With about four months left to prepare, I still have no plane tickets, no daily itinerary and no hotel booking.

Ang galing galing ko diba? 😀

What I do have are a list of restaurants and places I’m dying to visit. So for now, while waiting for Cebu Pacific to give a Tokyo fare promo, I’ll commence #LakadSerye – a compilation of itineraries for my Tokyo trip.

This first line up is set in Kichijoji, a neighborhood in the city of Musashino, Tokyo. Kumbaga kung dito sa Pilipinas:

Barangay Kapitolyo = Kichijoji

Pasig City = Musashino City

Ginawan ko lang ng analogy para mas madaling intindihin 😀

Anyway, here’s the itinerary:


inokashira park sakura

I want to visit Inokashira Park for the sole reason of reading a book under cherry blossom trees ❤ So yes, when I do arrive in Inokashira Park, I might spend the whole day just reading books or taking photos or staring at cherry blossoms or enjoying the cool Spring breeze.

I’ll try to avoid Hanami, Japan’s cherry blossom festival, because I’ve seen photos and the park gets really crowded during that time. Feeling ko kasi hindi ako mag-e-enjoy pag masyadong ma-tao sa park.


Inokashira Park is a 5-minute walk from Kichijoji Station on the Chuo Line and a 1-minute walk from Inokashirakoen Station on the Keio Inokashira Line. Of course, the details of the directions will depend on the hotel I’m staying. Saka ko na yun po-problemahin kapag may ticket at hotel na ako 😀

Things to do:
Aside from the activities I mentioned above, here are some of the things I might also give a try in Inokashira Park:

  1. Ride the Swan boats on the lake.
  2. Eat some kakigori (shaved ice).

Price: Admission is FREE

Map: Here’s a map of Inokashira Park in PDF version. Even though it’s in Japanese, I think it’ll still be useful 🙂 If you want to Inokashira Park come to life, maximize the photo sphere option of Google Maps!

Iseya Honten

iseya honten yakitori

I plan on spending lunch here because I read from an article 3 years ago that Iseya Honten serves delicious yakitori (aka chicken barbeque.) Plus it’s near Inokashira Park and Ghibli Museum – saktong- sakto, diba?

According to Paul’s travel blog, he and his wife spent a total of 1880 yen (around P750) at Iseya Honten. If you don’t drink beer, you can subtract the extra 900 yen and you’ll only spend 980 yen (around P400).

iseya honten tokyo japan

Pwede na, diba?

According from this blog though, I might have to reconsider Iseya 😀 Nabanggit niya kasi na mag-a-amoy usok ka pag dun ka kumain. Sabagay, ganun naman talaga pag bumili ka ng barbeque diba?

Here are my other options, in case I decide that I don’t want to smell like smoke for the rest of the day:

  1. Peppermint Cafe – this one is within Inokashira Park so it was my first choice until I found out from there FB page that they’re a Thai and Vietnamese Resto. Pupunta ako sa Japan tapos Thai food kakainin ko?! So even though this one is still on the list, it’s not my first option anymore.
  2. Garage 50 – I’m a sucker for pizza and food trucks. So yes, even though they don’t serve Japanese first, they’re definitely on the list 😀
  3. If you’ve been doing your own research, you’ll notice that the restos near Inokashira Park are expensive! And they aren’t even serving Japanese food 😦 So instead, I plan on walking around their shopping streets (Nanaibashi and Main Shopping street) and find a cheap resto of my choice

Here’s a map from Inokashira Park –> Iseya Honten –> Nanaibashi street (the one with the red line) –> Main shopping street (the one with the red circle location icon thingy)




I’m not an obsessed Studio Ghibli or Hayao Miyazaki fan. But I liked How’s Moving Castle and cried over Grave of the Fireflies. I might as well visit, right?


The museum is 15 minutes from Mitaka Station on foot or 5 minutes by bus (one-way ¥200, round-trip ¥300, half-price for children under 12)


Since I’ll be coming from Inokashira Park, it’ll only be a short walk.


Tickets range from ¥1,000 (over 19) to ¥100 (ages 4 to 6): under 4 is free. The museum is open from 10am- 6pm
Apparently, Ghibli doesn’t allow walk-in tourists so I’ll have to buy a ticket in advance. My choices when buying a ticket are:

  1. from a travel agency in the Philippines, and
  2. from Lawson, a convenience store in Japan

Since Philippines isn’t included in their list of countries with designated travel agencies, I doubt I can buy a museum ticket. Once I’m Japan, I can buy a ticket from Lawson Convenience Store but have to take the risk. I read tickets sell out fast 😦

Overall plan:

Since Ghibli Museum opens at 10am, and it’s uncertain whether I’ll be able to get a ticket or not, my tentative plan is:

7am- leave hotel
8am- buy food from train station and drop by Inokashira Park, eat breakfast and stroll around
10am- go to Ghibli museum
12nn – head over to Iseya Honten for lunch
1pm-5pm – I might drop by Shinjuku or Shibuya because they’re nearby! (I’ll create a separate itinerary for this.)
5pm- I’m 100% sure that I would go back to Inokashira in the afternoon just to see how it’s like during sunset

Here’s the Google Map for this itinerary:

Green = place

Yellow = train station

Red = fooooood

New posts for #LakadSerye will be posted every Tuesday!


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